Servant or Self-Serving? by Angeline Lawrence

February 23, 2015

Servant or Self-Serving 

by Angeline Lawrence

Today I want to pose a question to the women (and men) of faith that are in the trenches for Christ. Do you need a title and/or acknowledgement from others to fulfill the ministry God has placed in your life?  I must confess that for years I hesitated to work in my ministry because I believed I needed a formal title.  I was given a wakeup call by God one day that changed my life.  He let me know, through the Holy Spirit, that I did not need title. I only needed him. 

Jesus, again, serves as the high standard of faith. He was consumed with completing the mission of God, but did it with humility.  Listen in as I discuss Philippians 2:7 regarding the way we should serve God. Are we his servants or are we just self-serving?

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Getting to Your Next - Talk with Shonta Prince - Transition Strategist

July 4, 2014
Shonta Prince, Transition Strategist
Getting to Your Next - Talk with Shonta Prince, Transition Strategist
As the Founder of Shonta International, Shonta Prince specializes in purpose and life focus coaching and mentorship for people in transition in the workforce, in entrepreneurship, and in ministry.
She states, "Purpose is what God put in you that can benefit others." A Navy Veteran, speaker and minister, Shonta is dedicated to helping others through their life transitions to reach their next dimension of success. We discuss the importance of identifying the seasons of transtions in one's life.
You can learn more about her agency at
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Girl, think before you Tweet! How to use social media to grow your personal brand.

June 30, 2014
Girl,think before you Tweet! How to use Social Media to grow you Personal Brand. @Katrina Turnbow, Director of Marketing and social media expert with W3r an IT consulting and staffing firm, shares her tools and tips on how to grow your personal brand and online presence using social media.
Katrina cautions the use of unprofessional email addresses, cute social media handles and page names. On the other hand, she encourages the use of two profiles - one professional and the other for personal use. 

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