Bridging the Digital Divide in Detroit: Alicia Jones, CEO Harmony Point CTC

February 19, 2015

Bridging the Digital Divide in Detroit: Alicia Jones, CEO, Harmony Point CTC

by: Angeline Lawrence

The two faces of Detroit, MI displays a confusing image for those looking from the outside. On the one hand, Detroit is a hotbed for high tech and social entrepreneurs. The city is experiencing a major comeback with new leadership and major redevelopment projects. On the other hand, Detroit still lags behind in the number of African Americans in the technology industry. The neighborhoods lack the services and jobs needed to help African Americans in the city.

Alicia Jones, a certified Information Technology Education trainer is building a huge bridge to help thousands of Detroiters cross over into the IT industry. Ms. Jones is the CEO of Harmony Point (CTC) Computer Training Center located in Detroit, MI.  She has successfully trained African Americans in the Detroit area. Most were chronically unemployed, but as a result of the training were placed in jobs with major corporations such as General Motors.  Listen to the interview as we discuss the transformational training of Harmony Point CTC that has impacted lives.

To find out more about Harmony Point CTC call 313-962-0055. The office is located at Woodward Academy, 951 East Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48207. Connect on Facebook. 

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Empowerement Coach - Crystal Gunn - Helping You Find Your Own Path in Business

June 23, 2014
As a successful corporate executive and serial-entrepreneur, Crystal Gunn faced insurmountable 
challenges. Despite the failures, Crystal emerged with a renewed sense of self and divine purpose to help others find their own paths.
Crystal’s belief that everyone controls their own destiny led her to expand her business 
endeavors as an Empowerment Coach with one sole purpose: to impact the lives of as many 
people as possible. Crystal Gunn offers personal empowerment and development and business 
coaching, business support to small businesses and other organizations.
Listen to my interview with Crystal Gunn as she testifies about your triumphs and failures and how she can help you become empowered to take control of your life. Visit her website at You can reach her at 248-716-0599 or by email at [email protected]

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June 20, 2014


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