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Freedom of Leadership: 5-Actions to Lead Yourself

Freedom of Leadership: 5-Actions to Lead Yourself

October 2, 2016

Freedom of Leadership

5-Actions to Help You Lead Yourself


Tracy Washington

Executive Leadership Advisor

We are discussing how to be a leader of yourself, on the job, in your home and the marketplace. It is difficult to lead others if you do not know how to direct yourself. Jesus Christ is our perfect example a true servant-leader who governed himself with restraint and excellence. Our guest Tracy Washington is one of the nation’s leading trainers on Relationships, Human Behavior and Leadership.  She states, “Leadership is an influence. Our position is to become someone that someone else wants to follow.”

Tracy works with mid to senior level managers to help them improve relationships with teams, upper management, and customers so that they establish trust and respect that create a culture of profitability and success for themselves and their organizations.  She also runs a coaching program entitled “Executive RoundTable for Women in Leadership” to help women leaders elevate their leadership style.

Tracy is passionate about helping individuals and corporate clients profit by experiencing better professional and personal relationships.  Ms. Washington helps women find their true passions in order to reach their full potential. She states, “A woman that can make things happen understands they have power. Some feel like an imposter, but the feeling never goes away. We must walk with it, learn how to manage it and walk in confidence. “

Her key points of learning how to lead yourself are below:

1.        Self-care is first. You can’t get anything done from a deficit. As women, we give of ourselves without giving back to ourselves. Take care of yourself so you can properly care for others.

2.        Know who you are.  Do a personal assessment so you understand your unique qualities and identity in Christ. Understand that you are more than the roles you play. Take the time to figure out who you are.

3.        Inventory the relationships around you. Evaluate everyone in your life. Are you spending time with people who don’t add value to you? Are they pouring into you are taking from you?

4.        Raise your level of success. Look at the things that you don’t have to increase your worth. Invest in classes, coaching and read to help you get to your next level of success. Look at your finances and be a good steward.

5.        Don’t compare yourself to others. Get a mirror and look at your reflection. Appreciate who you are and where you are at this moment.

You can reach Tracy Washington at her office or on social media. See the links below:

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Office: (888)715-9977



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Women’s History Month: Dr. Nicole Farmer-Women Transforming the Lives of Others

Women’s History Month: Dr. Nicole Farmer-Women Transforming the Lives of Others

March 10, 2016
Women Transforming the Lives of Others

Dr. Nicole Farmer 
CEO Lifeline Business Consulting Services


Transformation is never an easy process. Dr. Nicole Farmer personifies the pain staking process that turned her life around. Nicole has gone from public assistance to entrerpreneurship. In 2006, she was the first African American women to own a Tuffy’s Auto Repair franchise. She eventually had to close the shop, but as a result of her experience she branched our to help others.

Dr. Farmer launched Life Line Business Consulting Services to help women successfully maneuver through the start-up and development stages of operating a business. The firm has worked with over 100 female entrepreneurs and help over 50 obtain funding for their companies.  In 2015, she launched a national women’s business conference in Atlanta, Oakland, California and Richmond, Virginia along with publishing an e-book, 9 Power Principles to Bring Your Dreams to Reality.  

Visit the website at and contact the office at 313 965-3155. You can follow her on twitter at

The key takeaways from the episode include: 

1.       Align your passion with your skill set to create your business 

2.       Understand your vision and create a vision board to see it on paper 

3.       God gives us all the ability to obtain wealth through our God-given vision 

4.       We can do anything if we tap into God’s power and believe

Dr. Farmer left us with the scripture in Habakkuk 2:2, “And the Lord answered me, and said Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” (KJV)  She states, “God wants to fill your house with glory. Your latter will be greater than the former.”


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Angeline Lawrence is an author, speaker and blogger. She co-authored Resilience: Living Life by Design and will publish her second book, Positioned4Power: The Working Woman’s Guide to Thriving in Life in spring of 2016. Check out her weekly blog posts, Words to L.I.V.E. by – (Live in Victory and Expectation) Visit her website at

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Growth Under Duress Part 2 - Kimberly Collins,CEO T.E.N. Marketing, LLC

Growth Under Duress Part 2 - Kimberly Collins,CEO T.E.N. Marketing, LLC

January 20, 2016

Growth under Duress - Part 2


Kimberly “The Educated Natural” Collins, CEO of T.E.N Marketing, LLC

Host of WBND Radio Show, “The Journey: A Meeting of the Minds”

Ms. Collins, also known as, “The Educated Natural,” knows of the struggles U.S. military veterans and their spouses’ first-hand. Having served over 3 years in the army, Kimberly married a fellow solider and have two beautiful daughters.  The constant moving presented a challenge to Kimberly’s career. Her background includes a bachelor’s of science in business with an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) in marketing.

Kimberly states, “I had to find a job every three years because of my husband’s service in the military.” In addition, being a single married parent, as she puts it, was difficult while working and being the only resource for her kids.  Kimberly found her true purpose in being an entrepreneur and transformational speaker. The support of her spouse enabled her to establish a marketing firm and radio show.  It was the tipping point needed to guide her on the right path.   

The key points of the interview included:

·         The importance of being a life learner

·         Recognizing the shift in direction for your life from God

·         Benefits of Entrepreneurship

·         Walking in your purpose one step at a time

Download the show know and join us as we fellowship and discuss the strategies for growth under duress. Kimberly seeks to give back to her community and offers opportunities for authors and entrepreneurs to share their stories on her radio show.

Special shout out to Kim, today is the Second anniversary of her show, "The Journey: Meeting of the Minds." Catch it today at 7:00 pm. Visit

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