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Heart Health Part 2: Overcoming Heartbreak with Mick Lolekonda

Heart Health Part 2: Overcoming Heartbreak with Mick Lolekonda

February 18, 2016
Heart Health Part 2: Overcoming Heartbreak
Mick Lolekonda, Founder Real Life Mechanics

This week’s episodes provides a clear picture of how leaders must guard their hearts against stress. My special guest, Mick Lolekonda is forthcoming in how he dealt with the stress of heartbreak from a broken engagement. Yes ladies, we get to hear from a man’s point of view regarding abusive behavior. Hard to believe, but men are the targets of abuse in relationships too.

Mick is the Founder of Real Life Mechanics, a spiritual, leadership, and business advisory practice for helping purpose­driven individuals who feel called to make a difference through their calling, while staying aligned to their purpose and being spiritually strengthened.   

Listen in as Mick shares his process to gain clarity for his God-given purpose from his pain. He strengthened his spirit and is training leaders to find their find true purpose. Key points from our discussion include:

·         Putting God first – make him a part of every decision

·         Maintaining your health – eat right and exercise

·         Focusing on the present – stop worrying about things in future

·         Discovering your purpose – get clarity on your God-given vision

He provides tools for spiritual growth and clarity on his website at Mick has spent over a decade living intentionally and studying the journey of purpose, calling and fulfillment. You can contact him by email at [email protected]

Get your complimentary subscription to his soon to be released eBook, “Clarifying Our Purpose” at­in​.


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