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Growth Under Duress Part 2 - Kimberly Collins,CEO T.E.N. Marketing, LLC

Growth Under Duress Part 2 - Kimberly Collins,CEO T.E.N. Marketing, LLC

January 20, 2016

Growth under Duress - Part 2


Kimberly “The Educated Natural” Collins, CEO of T.E.N Marketing, LLC

Host of WBND Radio Show, “The Journey: A Meeting of the Minds”

Ms. Collins, also known as, “The Educated Natural,” knows of the struggles U.S. military veterans and their spouses’ first-hand. Having served over 3 years in the army, Kimberly married a fellow solider and have two beautiful daughters.  The constant moving presented a challenge to Kimberly’s career. Her background includes a bachelor’s of science in business with an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) in marketing.

Kimberly states, “I had to find a job every three years because of my husband’s service in the military.” In addition, being a single married parent, as she puts it, was difficult while working and being the only resource for her kids.  Kimberly found her true purpose in being an entrepreneur and transformational speaker. The support of her spouse enabled her to establish a marketing firm and radio show.  It was the tipping point needed to guide her on the right path.   

The key points of the interview included:

·         The importance of being a life learner

·         Recognizing the shift in direction for your life from God

·         Benefits of Entrepreneurship

·         Walking in your purpose one step at a time

Download the show know and join us as we fellowship and discuss the strategies for growth under duress. Kimberly seeks to give back to her community and offers opportunities for authors and entrepreneurs to share their stories on her radio show.

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