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Heart Health Part 3: Food to Heal the Body

Heart Health Part 3: Food to Heal the Body

February 24, 2016

HeartHealth Part 3:

Foods toHeal Your Body



HolisticHealth Coach

Our bodies serve as the temple of the Holy Spirit. Presentingit as a living sacrifice unto God is a part of our service as Christians. (Romans12:1) We are careful of the actions we take in our bodies, but not asdiscriminating about what we eat. In the last part of our Heart Health series,I interview Cathy Rodgers, a Holistic Health Coach and founder of Cathy Chats.

Ms. Rodgers left her corporate job to be an entrepreneur.However, when her blood pressure, cholesterol and weight started to challengeher health she had to make drastic changes in her diet. Losing 45 poundsinspired Cathy to continue educating herself and others. Now aholistic health coach, Cathy educates busy men and women toward betternutrition and weight loss.    

She is a recent graduate of the Digestive Intensive Trainingat the Holistic Nutrition Lab and a former student at Georgia SouthernUniversity.  She is also the author of A Life Course of Miracles andPrayer.  

We discuss the three pillars of clean diets and what isneeded to improve our immune system. Cathy blogs about her health journeyand offers tips and recipes at You can sign up to receive a freeconsultation at her website.

Key points fromthe show include:

·        Lookclosely at the foods you eat for sodium and high fructose corn syrup

·        Consumea lot of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and avocados.

·        Followthe 80/20 rule to eat healthy 80% of the time

·        Takesupplements to give your body what it needs to heal

·        Purchasevitamins that are of pharmaceutical grade standards prepared in FDA approved     facilities.

·        Reduceyour sugar intake to guard your heart against stroke, pre-diabetes and chronic   inflammation.

·        Alwaysexercise and drink plenty of water

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Angeline Lawrence is an author, speaker and blogger. She co-authored Resilience: Living Life byDesign and will publish her second book, Positioned4Power: The Working Woman’sGuide to Thriving in Life in spring of 2016. Check out her weekly blog posts, Wordsto L.I.V.E. by – (Live in Victory and Expectation) Visit her website at

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